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Reason for Provigil recommended for Autism treatment

Provigil also known as Modafinil is a drug prescribed for treating sleeping troubles or narcolepsy. Autism is a mental condition that restricts children to live in their own world; they do not find the need for communication and also faces difficulties while communicating. It is very well known that generally Provigil is suggested for Narcolepsy, boosting cognitive performance, sleep apnea etc.

Kid with AutismTo know how or why Provigil is recommended for Autism treatment is as follows:

What are the symptoms of Autism? & Why Provigil for Autism?

Autism is a psychological disorder that reduces the socializing and communication ability in the patients. Individuals suffering from Autism build a small world for themselves in their minds and they are confined to some specific things like drawing, playing etc. The treatment for complete recovery is not yet available, though some rapid developments are expected soon.

There are different ranges for autism; it could be in various stages like mild, average and high. The symptoms and their intensity could vary from one individual from other according to the range of autism they suffer. Apart from communication and socializing, the certain other symptoms of autism are listed in the follows:

  • Impairment of the language
  • Mood disorders
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Low IQ levels
  • Attention disorder
  • Inattentiveness
  • Anxiety problems etc.

provigil for autismAutism is the more intense version of ADHD. Autism has all the ADHD symptoms which are explained above. Though ADHD individuals do not suffer immature behavior, and other severe effects of Autism, it is much related and medication prescribed for these two disorders are identical in some cases

Provigil for Autism:

Provigil is a smart drug that is also popular with its generic name Modafinil. The drug is often regarded as the best medicines to induce wakefulness by reducing narcolepsy indications. There are number of physicians who had prescribed Provigil as a treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and autism.

What are benefits of Provigil regarding the cure of Autism?

provigil benefitsThe general questions regarding the uses of Provigil arises as most of us do not know that Provigil is a proven drug which has the quality of improving psychological performances. Apart from wakefulness there are some other benefits of autism which are: Mood enrichment, improving the attentiveness, treating hangover etc. There are studies that had suggested that Provigil is also helps in reducing the intensity of autism symptoms.

Provigil aka Modafinil improves the dismal neurotransmitters situated in our mind and it induces them, makes them energetic. Neurotransmitters are responsible for the important cognitive features like communication, emotional control, self-motivation, social skills etc. All these are more or less the problems of autism too. Provigil effectively treats some important symptoms of Autism like inattentiveness, dull behavior and improves the concentration skills.

Provigil, an effective drug for curing Asperger’s Syndrome

kid with asperger's syndromeAsperger syndrome is one of the types of autism, which is mild in its intensity. Individuals who are diagnosed with Asperger’s will develop difficulties in communicating and socializing. People who suffer from this medical disorder often have an awkward feeling while they are placed with many people. They won’t be interested in public topics which most of them are interested in. The condition cannot be identified very soon. Having Provigil or Modafinil can help them to get rid at least some severe indications of Asperger’s syndrome.

These are the important reasons for recommending Provigil as an effective treatment to cure Autism (especially Asperger’s syndrome). Individuals who wish to get Provigil can get them from online, it is a prescription medicine. It should not be bought without a valid prescription of the registered doctor. There are legitimate online pharmacies which offer genuine Provigil pills for discounted prices.

Is Provigil can help to cure Jet-Lag?

provigil for jet lagProvigil works in such a way to cure jet lag. This medication has stimulant-like effects which help to improve mental functioning.

People have been taking so many medications including sleeping tablets for many years in order to keep away from jet lag so it’s not new for the people to try other drugs such as Provigil. In fact, Provigil provides efficient viable outcomes and some exciting possibilities.

Provigil for Travel

Better sleep with melatonin

Melatonin is one type of hormone that assumes a critical part in directing the inner beat of the human body. Melatonin is generally developed by the pineal organ and also controls the sleep cycle. Thereby, discharging this type of hormone in the human’s body will trigger sleepiness.

Studies have demonstrated that melatonin supplements are viable for diminishing jet lag in people who travel more than five hours or more time zones. The best time to take this medication is after dark for an initial couple of days after reaching a new place.

Quick wake up with Provigil 

 wake up with Provigil

Provigil is a nootropic that is regularly used to help individuals who work the night-shift and can likewise to be valuable with regards to managing a portion of the manifestations of jet lag.

Provigil working in your central nervous system to lessening the dopamine level, accordingly advancing or increasing wakefulness as well as alertness. As a result, People who require a higher level of mental functioning especially after arriving at a different place and take this drug for the better solution. is a popular forum, where I have found reviews about the drug from different users:

Taking 100mg Provigil dosage at the time of morning will make to feel more energetic until the end of the day. After that, you will start to experience tiredness once again.

This medication works really more than a cup of coffee.

I found this medication really useful for my jet lag after the treatment, but I was not unable to go for my office for the first two days of the treatment.

Delighted by Provigil effects, I thought about whether others shard my experience. I connected with certain people such as entrepreneurs, travelers, and others in order to see how they are using Provigil for jet lag.

Amazon E-commerce consultant, Nate Ginsburg shared his Provigil effects during our travel. He said, “Provigil works for me really better in many ways such as resetting my schedule and get me back on my track no matter where I am by means of that I can explore many new things and new ideas which are very helpful for my productive work routine and increase my concentration as well.

By considering all this people experience and comments from a traveler like Nate are the reason why Provigil is considered as the best medication cure for jet lag when compared to other medications.

One of the benefits of taking Provigil is that it will enhance the level of alpha waves in the central nervous system. So that the drug will provide you more restive sleep and most importantly reduce the anxiety when things have gone wrong.

Psychologically, everyone will get a culture shock while visiting a new country or city or place for the first time as it may follow for you as well. Thus, Provigil is the best way to calm the nerves which cause jet lag and able to meet new people and help you to explore the world.


Provigil to treat jet lagIf you have a jet lag then you feel extremely tired and other physical effects too after a travel so that you could not make the next trip for some days. At that point, the condition will ruin all your travel planes even if you are willing to do but your health condition would not allow.

In this article, I have shared some of my experience and other traveler’s experiences as well for jet lag. Henceforth, you can choose the best strategies which you think that will be suitable for you, but let me say one thing, there might be many other medications and supplements available, but Provigil carries a lot of benefits than other drugs.

Thereby, take or buy Provigil and treat your jet lag efficiently.

How beneficiary is Provigil as a brain booster?

Provigil promotes WakefulnessProvigil is a well-known narcolepsy medication which is also known by the generic name of Modafinil. It had gained so much attention after a study concluded that Provigil could also effectively improves the brain functioning. The analytical study had also focused on the medication’s side effects, but there was found almost insignificant side effect. So to know how well this smart drug works as a brain booster, follow the passage.


study on provigilOxford University researchers took up the task of harmonizing all the studies conducted on Provigil all through the history up to the year 2014. They have found that Provigil (or Modafinil) improves the brain functioning, especially on the simple tasks and there weren’t many benefits that were spotted. This complete compilation of various studies was published in the European Neuropsychopharmacology, A Peer-reviewed journal.

Some other comparative studies which gave original Provigil to some of the samples and a placebo to others found that there were significant improvement and speed in the individuals who had given Provigil than the individuals who had taken placebo pills. There were noteworthy differences observed in their attentiveness and learning.

The various cognitive or mind related factors that could be enhanced by consuming Provigil are as follows:


As we have already said, Provigil is a brand name of the medication Modafinil; it is being one of popular narcolepsy medicines since the year 1998 in the United States. Apart from Narcolepsy alone, the medicine is also known for treating other issues like Sleep apnea, lack of alertness, etc. Since the last two decades, there were number of studies conducted on Provigil had suggested that it could advance the cognitive functions, but most of the results published were not that concrete.

Develops FOCUS

Provigil Develops focusFocus in one area where most of the people find difficult to cope up with. Provigil pill helps to improve the focus / attentiveness or concentration. Individuals who face lack of concentration and focus could take these medicines and the results for such problems were very fruitful. Provigil also enhances the probability of hyper focus, which many people find it as an advantage, but as a psychological problem.

For example: an student who needs to take his final exam tomorrow and facing deep focusing issue can be Provigil and get rid of such issues as soon as possible and concentrate on his studies with very sufficient focus.

Boosts MOOD

Provigil is not a type of drug which gives “high” (in broad sense). The finest benefit of Provigil apart from reducing Narcolepsy is enhancing the delighted and positive mood. It works very effectively for all the employees who suffers the ‘routine’ syndrome and who were finding no joy in the life. Though it is not that effective as anti-depressant pills, it can be certainly consumed when you are finding mood swings and unpleasant thoughts. Provigil acts as first remedy for such issues.

Treats Hangover

Provigil treats HangoverHangover is a medical condition that arises typically after consuming heavy amount of alcohol. People who face such hangovers have very unpleasant feeling, they could also feel dizzy, vomiting and face heavy headaches. It could remain up to 5-6 hours or even more at some cases. Provigil also helps to cure such hangover troubles.

These are common cognitive benefits that one could experience by consuming Provigil aka Modafinil pills. It is also known for its mild and minor side effects. Though very rare cases have registered regarding the side effects of Provigil, most of them are very general like stomach pain, headache etc. It is treated as an enduring drug that boosts the performance of the brain.

Reduce Depression Symptoms With Provigil In Combination With Anti-Depressants

Reduce Depression SymptomsIn a recent research, it was found that taking Provigil, which is commonly used to treat sleep disorders, along with anti-depressants can help a person to fight against depression. It is unfortunate that one of the three patients who take anti-depressants to treat this medical illness get literally no effect even though they combine with psychological training.

People who respond very well to the anti-depressants also suffer from certain ill effects like fatigue or difficulty in sleeping. This is when the researchers believed that taking Provigil in addition to the anti-depressants can provide great help to the patients.

Study results based on Provigil with anti-depressants

Provigil for DepressionIn this study, 568 patients who suffered from unipolar depression and 342 patients who suffered from bipolar depression were taken. Provigil and the anti-depressant medications were given to the patients and the experience they had was noted.

During the analysis, it was understood that Provigil medication actually improved the severity of the depression. The best part is that the major ill effects that the patients suffer from like fatigue and sleeplessness were reduced to a greater extent.

Provigil medication would have the great effect on the central nervous system and this is the same case for anti-depressants too. Now, the picture would be clear enough for you on why Provigil with anti-depressants works the best on people.

The patients who suffer from depression would struggle to manage at work. But during the study, it was found that Provigil also produces symptomatic benefits to the patients. Through this, it is possible to increase the productivity at work.

Due to the positive results that it provides to the people, the researchers have decided to do longer trials. This would be very much helpful for them to understand the potential benefits that Provigil along with anti-depressants can provide on patients.

Depression is seriously a huge health issue that a person is suffering from. It has a negative impact on the relationships and at work. People spend so much on getting anti-depressant medications in a year. Even after taking the drug not all are able to get positive effects.

But, the result of this research is definitely great news for those who are fighting with depression. There are chances that people would be able to receive the best therapy in the near future.

Can you take Provigil if you are taking an anti-depressant?

getting provigil prescribed online

No, you are not supposed to take Provigil along with anti-depressants now. It is because this topic has reached only the trial stage. There is still a long way to go. The researchers have to identify the appropriate dosage strength and to check whether this combination would trigger any ill effects in a person or not. Only if it is approved, you can take it to treat depression.

Can Provigil be prescribed by doctor’s if taking Anti-Depressants?

It might depends on the severity of the depression state that the patient had. The most recent study shows that taking the antidepressants along with the Provigil (Modafinil) medication can have immense benefits than taking the antidepressants only. Also, there is a fact that the research is being under examination and there are no proven studies of currently in existing it. However, if a patient approaches the doctor he/she could prescribe Provigil medication with the suitable dosage and that would be enough able to treat depression problems. Do not go with the self-medication since it can lead to cause for the adverse effects by taking them both.

Provigil Works Well In The Treatment Of Excessive Sleepiness

Provigil for excessive sleepinessProvigil is a med that promotes wakefulness and it works extremely effective in the treatment of excessive sleepiness which is a complaint mostly from people who are on shift works. There are myriad drugs that work to treat various sleep associated conditions. Drugs like Provigil and its generic variant Modafinil can treat excessive sleepiness conditions that are possibly known to be caused by narcolepsy, sleep apnea and also shift work disorder. Modafinil is believed to be well tolerated in treating excessive sleepiness and also does not affect cardiovascular or other sleep parameters.  If you are someone who is affected by excessive daytime sleepiness and do not know a way out, then reading this blog will be a good choice.

Study on Provigil

A study was conducted among outpatients who received Modafinil in the dosage strengths of 200mg, 300mg, and 400mg or even a placebo once daily for up to twelve weeks. Around 900 patients were receiving treatment with Modafinil while about 50 patients were on placebo. These patients were assessed for adverse events and effects of Modafinil on various health aspects like blood pressure/ heart rates, polysomnography, electrocardiogram intervals and also for clinical laboratory parameters.

Study outcome on Provigil for treating excessive sleepiness

Excessive SleepinessThe results that were thus obtained estimated that Modafinil was well tolerated against placebo, though some side effects like a headache, nausea, and infection were noticed. The overall incidence of side effects was known to be similar to that of the three dosage groups of Modafinil. Adverse events that occurred more frequently in the Modafinil group included dry mouth, insomnia, headache, nausea, hypertension, anorexia, nervousness, anxiety, hypertension, and pharyngitis. Among the patients who took Modafinil, around nineteen serious and adverse effects were noticed wherein those in the placebo group, there were about ten serious and adverse events.

Patients who were treated with Modafinil, clinical significance increases in diastolic or systolic blood pressure were observed to be infrequent. Whereas, in the narcolepsy study one patient in the Modafinil group and one in the placebo group were noticed of having a clinically significant increase in heart rate. It was also found that new clinical electrocardiogram abnormalities were rare amongst the Modafinil and placebo group. Also, Modafinil did not interrupt the sleep architecture in any patient as per polysomnography. Yet, clinically significant abnormalities did happen in mean laboratory parameters in about less than one percent of patients who were treated for Modafinil.

Modafinil, therefore, is observed to be well-tolerated and further, it also appears as per research that administration of Modafinil on a daily basis confers a low risk of adverse events or even severe adverse events for that matter. These results make up for a positive ratio for risk-benefit of using Modafinil in the treatment of excessive sleepiness in patients who are on shift work sleep disorder.

Precautions with Provigil

Researchers emphasize that patients who suspect that they might be having a sleep disorder consult a physician immediately. On the other hand, it is always safe to get prescribed Provigil medication from the online. Also, patients can discuss treatment options before treating with medications. Therapies like hypnotics in modern days are considered safe. People taking treatment with medications need to be aware that side effects do arise with any kind of treatment. Medications that are indicated for sleep disorders are also termed to be effective and are considered a safe treatment option, provided the patient is using them properly and under the supervision of a physician.