Does Provigil Works In Treating MS Fatigue?

Provigil treats

Yes, Provigil works if it is used for treating the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) fatigue in people. In this article, we would be looking at the effect of Provigil in treating MS fatigue as a way to answer the question of its efficacy. However, before we go into details about the role that Provigil plays in MS fatigue, it is important to first have an overview of Provigil and MS fatigue. This way everyone can follow the discussion even those who are hearing about this for the first time.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS):

Multiple Sclerosis

MS is an autoimmune (the body attacking itself) disorder characterized by antibodies attacking its own myelin sheaths (nerve coverings). This results in abnormal communication between the brain and the body; the ensuing symptoms are the symptoms of MS. Usually characterized by a wide range of symptoms that include the inability for one to move about independently, weakness and fatigue, MS is usually hard to deal with. It is the fatigue symptom of MS that Provigil aims to treat.

Does Provigil really work in treating multiple sclerosis?

Provigil works

As we earlier explained when discussing Provigil, it is not a drug that was manufactured to treat MS. It aims at tackling the fatigue symptom in MS because of its wakefulness-promoting effect. This is why it’s usage in MS fatigue is termed as being an ‘off-label’ therapy. The question now is does it work? The direct answer to this question is, of course, it does work, however to a varying extent in different patients. Some patients have given tremendous reviews to the benefits of Provigil in treating their MS fatigue while some other patients complain of the fact that it keeping them awake worsens their emotional state in dealing with their MS. The latter, however, has more to do with the resultant effect of the drug and not the ineffectiveness of it. There is also the issue of physical and mental fatigue, both of which are present in MS. Does Provigil tackle both? The answer is yes but then this is also to a different degree in different patients and most especially at different doses of the drug.

The Extent of Provigil’s benefit in treating MS fatigue

provigil benefits

Provigil even though is not a drug that was originally manufactured to be used in the treatment of MS fatigue, it has proved to be effective when used. It’s ‘off-label’ benefit in MS fatigue is said to come at an even lower dosage than its dosage when used in the treatment of sleep disorders.

prescribing provigilThe drug should, however, be used according to doctor’s instruction while prescribing Provigil and any side effects noticed should be reported to one’s physician as and when they occur. But most of the reviews about the effect of Provigil in the treatment of MS fatigue have been in the affirmative. So, even though more research may be needed to cover a wider range of MS patients to properly determine the extent of its benefit in treating MS fatigue, there is nothing that suggests that it doesn’t work at all.

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