How beneficiary is Provigil as a brain booster?

Provigil promotes WakefulnessProvigil is a well-known narcolepsy medication which is also known by the generic name of Modafinil. It had gained so much attention after a study concluded that Provigil could also effectively improves the brain functioning. The analytical study had also focused on the medication’s side effects, but there was found almost insignificant side effect. So to know how well this smart drug works as a brain booster, follow the passage.


study on provigilOxford University researchers took up the task of harmonizing all the studies conducted on Provigil all through the history up to the year 2014. They have found that Provigil (or Modafinil) improves the brain functioning, especially on the simple tasks and there weren’t many benefits that were spotted. This complete compilation of various studies was published in the European Neuropsychopharmacology, A Peer-reviewed journal.

Some other comparative studies which gave original Provigil to some of the samples and a placebo to others found that there were significant improvement and speed in the individuals who had given Provigil than the individuals who had taken placebo pills. There were noteworthy differences observed in their attentiveness and learning.

The various cognitive or mind related factors that could be enhanced by consuming Provigil are as follows:


As we have already said, Provigil is a brand name of the medication Modafinil; it is being one of popular narcolepsy medicines since the year 1998 in the United States. Apart from Narcolepsy alone, the medicine is also known for treating other issues like Sleep apnea, lack of alertness, etc. Since the last two decades, there were number of studies conducted on Provigil had suggested that it could advance the cognitive functions, but most of the results published were not that concrete.

Develops FOCUS

Provigil Develops focusFocus in one area where most of the people find difficult to cope up with. Provigil pill helps to improve the focus / attentiveness or concentration. Individuals who face lack of concentration and focus could take these medicines and the results for such problems were very fruitful. Provigil also enhances the probability of hyper focus, which many people find it as an advantage, but as a psychological problem.

For example: an student who needs to take his final exam tomorrow and facing deep focusing issue can be Provigil and get rid of such issues as soon as possible and concentrate on his studies with very sufficient focus.

Boosts MOOD

Provigil is not a type of drug which gives “high” (in broad sense). The finest benefit of Provigil apart from reducing Narcolepsy is enhancing the delighted and positive mood. It works very effectively for all the employees who suffers the ‘routine’ syndrome and who were finding no joy in the life. Though it is not that effective as anti-depressant pills, it can be certainly consumed when you are finding mood swings and unpleasant thoughts. Provigil acts as first remedy for such issues.

Treats Hangover

Provigil treats HangoverHangover is a medical condition that arises typically after consuming heavy amount of alcohol. People who face such hangovers have very unpleasant feeling, they could also feel dizzy, vomiting and face heavy headaches. It could remain up to 5-6 hours or even more at some cases. Provigil also helps to cure such hangover troubles.

These are common cognitive benefits that one could experience by consuming Provigil aka Modafinil pills. It is also known for its mild and minor side effects. Though very rare cases have registered regarding the side effects of Provigil, most of them are very general like stomach pain, headache etc. It is treated as an enduring drug that boosts the performance of the brain.

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