Is Provigil can help to cure Jet-Lag?

provigil for jet lagProvigil works in such a way to cure jet lag. This medication has stimulant-like effects which help to improve mental functioning.

People have been taking so many medications including sleeping tablets for many years in order to keep away from jet lag so it’s not new for the people to try other drugs such as Provigil. In fact, Provigil provides efficient viable outcomes and some exciting possibilities.

Provigil for Travel

Better sleep with melatonin

Melatonin is one type of hormone that assumes a critical part in directing the inner beat of the human body. Melatonin is generally developed by the pineal organ and also controls the sleep cycle. Thereby, discharging this type of hormone in the human’s body will trigger sleepiness.

Studies have demonstrated that melatonin supplements are viable for diminishing jet lag in people who travel more than five hours or more time zones. The best time to take this medication is after dark for an initial couple of days after reaching a new place.

Quick wake up with Provigil 

 wake up with Provigil

Provigil is a nootropic that is regularly used to help individuals who work the night-shift and can likewise to be valuable with regards to managing a portion of the manifestations of jet lag.

Provigil working in your central nervous system to lessening the dopamine level, accordingly advancing or increasing wakefulness as well as alertness. As a result, People who require a higher level of mental functioning especially after arriving at a different place and take this drug for the better solution. is a popular forum, where I have found reviews about the drug from different users:

Taking 100mg Provigil dosage at the time of morning will make to feel more energetic until the end of the day. After that, you will start to experience tiredness once again.

This medication works really more than a cup of coffee.

I found this medication really useful for my jet lag after the treatment, but I was not unable to go for my office for the first two days of the treatment.

Delighted by Provigil effects, I thought about whether others shard my experience. I connected with certain people such as entrepreneurs, travelers, and others in order to see how they are using Provigil for jet lag.

Amazon E-commerce consultant, Nate Ginsburg shared his Provigil effects during our travel. He said, “Provigil works for me really better in many ways such as resetting my schedule and get me back on my track no matter where I am by means of that I can explore many new things and new ideas which are very helpful for my productive work routine and increase my concentration as well.

By considering all this people experience and comments from a traveler like Nate are the reason why Provigil is considered as the best medication cure for jet lag when compared to other medications.

One of the benefits of taking Provigil is that it will enhance the level of alpha waves in the central nervous system. So that the drug will provide you more restive sleep and most importantly reduce the anxiety when things have gone wrong.

Psychologically, everyone will get a culture shock while visiting a new country or city or place for the first time as it may follow for you as well. Thus, Provigil is the best way to calm the nerves which cause jet lag and able to meet new people and help you to explore the world.


Provigil to treat jet lagIf you have a jet lag then you feel extremely tired and other physical effects too after a travel so that you could not make the next trip for some days. At that point, the condition will ruin all your travel planes even if you are willing to do but your health condition would not allow.

In this article, I have shared some of my experience and other traveler’s experiences as well for jet lag. Henceforth, you can choose the best strategies which you think that will be suitable for you, but let me say one thing, there might be many other medications and supplements available, but Provigil carries a lot of benefits than other drugs.

Thereby, take or buy Provigil and treat your jet lag efficiently.

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