• Autism mom won’t give up until the governor calls By: Shari Rudavsky, 5:25 p.m. EDT April 11, 2014 (INDYSTAR ARTICLE: ) History is filled with mothers who take up a cause to improve the lives of their children. There’s even a new word to describe such a woman: momavist. Jane Grimes did not become a momavist the moment her daughter was diagnosed with autism nine …
  • Jane speaks with Fox 59 about Autism Companion Autism Companion is a new  magazine that came out in September. Local mom Jane Grimes decided to launch the magazine after realizing there was nothing like it in Central Indiana. She says about half of the articles in the magazine will be written by people with autism. Watch the video to find out more about the …
  • AC’s Podcast with The Arc’s Michelle Fischer
  • WISHTV Interview of Jane Grimes CEO Jane Grimes goes on WISHTV’s Indy Style to talk about the need she saw in the autism community that inspired her to start Autism Companion and about the unique content that fills its pages. To watch the full video, check it out on our Youtube page: here, and subscribe to our channel.
  • WIBC Interview with Jane Grimes Jane Grimes was interviewed by WIBC about Autism Companion Magazine and more:
  • Colored My Mind Check out our interview with the ladies at Colored My Mind!
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