Reduce Depression Symptoms With Provigil In Combination With Anti-Depressants

Reduce Depression SymptomsIn a recent research, it was found that taking Provigil, which is commonly used to treat sleep disorders, along with anti-depressants can help a person to fight against depression. It is unfortunate that one of the three patients who take anti-depressants to treat this medical illness get literally no effect even though they combine with psychological training.

People who respond very well to the anti-depressants also suffer from certain ill effects like fatigue or difficulty in sleeping. This is when the researchers believed that taking Provigil in addition to the anti-depressants can provide great help to the patients.

Study results based on Provigil with anti-depressants

Provigil for DepressionIn this study, 568 patients who suffered from unipolar depression and 342 patients who suffered from bipolar depression were taken. Provigil and the anti-depressant medications were given to the patients and the experience they had was noted.

During the analysis, it was understood that Provigil medication actually improved the severity of the depression. The best part is that the major ill effects that the patients suffer from like fatigue and sleeplessness were reduced to a greater extent.

Provigil medication would have the great effect on the central nervous system and this is the same case for anti-depressants too. Now, the picture would be clear enough for you on why Provigil with anti-depressants works the best on people.

The patients who suffer from depression would struggle to manage at work. But during the study, it was found that Provigil also produces symptomatic benefits to the patients. Through this, it is possible to increase the productivity at work.

Due to the positive results that it provides to the people, the researchers have decided to do longer trials. This would be very much helpful for them to understand the potential benefits that Provigil along with anti-depressants can provide on patients.

Depression is seriously a huge health issue that a person is suffering from. It has a negative impact on the relationships and at work. People spend so much on getting anti-depressant medications in a year. Even after taking the drug not all are able to get positive effects.

But, the result of this research is definitely great news for those who are fighting with depression. There are chances that people would be able to receive the best therapy in the near future.

Can you take Provigil if you are taking an anti-depressant?

getting provigil prescribed online

No, you are not supposed to take Provigil along with anti-depressants now. It is because this topic has reached only the trial stage. There is still a long way to go. The researchers have to identify the appropriate dosage strength and to check whether this combination would trigger any ill effects in a person or not. Only if it is approved, you can take it to treat depression.

Can Provigil be prescribed by doctor’s if taking Anti-Depressants?

It might depends on the severity of the depression state that the patient had. The most recent study shows that taking the antidepressants along with the Provigil (Modafinil) medication can have immense benefits than taking the antidepressants only. Also, there is a fact that the research is being under examination and there are no proven studies of currently in existing it. However, if a patient approaches the doctor he/she could prescribe Provigil medication with the suitable dosage and that would be enough able to treat depression problems. Do not go with the self-medication since it can lead to cause for the adverse effects by taking them both.

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