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15-22 years

Young adults with autism and their parents share their experiences about high school, college, and post-school life.

  • The Real Life Story of Charlie Hellon my name is Charlie. I’m a senior in high school. I’m also a martial artist, and for your viewing pleasure I want to share my true real life story I wrote about myself, which I won second place my high school spring speak writing competition. I hope you enjoy reading my real life story.
  • Matt Matt shares hs advice for parents.
  • Drew Drew shares his personal journey.
  • What it Means to Have Autism Autism is not a curse. Autism is not a disease.
  • Aaron Aaron takes pride in helping his community.
  • An Interview with Kiper Kiper talks about his life as he prepares to finish high school and figures out what to do afterward.
  • A Letter from Riley If you have a son or daughter with autism, there’s no need to be afraid.
  • Resource for College Students Check out College Autis Spectrum!