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Can certain foods impact Adderall medication?

Certainly yes. There are a whole lot of food items that impact Adderall thereby bringing down its efficiency. The intake of following food items should be completely avoided whilst taking Adderall in order to experience the positive effects of the medication to the fullest possible extent.

Avoid Fruit juices and Acidic foods during Adderall medication

In order to keep the level of acidic content in the digestive system in nil levels, eating foods rich in acidic content and other fruit juices should be strictly restrained from. Acidic foods lowers the absorption pattern of Adderall thereby rendering the medication completely ineffective. This is because according to FDA, fruit juices are categorized as gastrointestinal acidifying agents.

Avoid Vitamin C supplements while taking Adderall

Vitamin C supplements have the necessary potential to enhance the levels of acid content in the digestive system thus delaying the absorption process. If there is an unavoidable need to take vitamin c supplements, prefer it taking long hours before or after the intake of Adderall medication.

Avoid Caffeine when consuming Adderall pills

Beverages that contain caffeine like coffee, tea and those carbohydrate drinks like soda should be avoided completely while taking Adderall. Even chocolates should be avoided. According to medical experts, the severities of Adderall side effects get aggravated when caffeine mixes with the blood.

Avoid Citrus fruits during Adderall usage

Avoid taking citrus fruits like limes and lemons as they are extremely rich in citric acid content. Taking these fruits increases the existing level of acidic content in the digestive system thus bringing down the effectiveness of Adderall. According to a leading health agency, amphetamine medications like Adderall are slowly absorbed, when the level of organic acid is extremely high in stomach at the time of taking such medications.

Other types of food to avoid while taking Adderall

  • Ice creams
  • Crisps
  • Soft fruits and berries
  • Stone fruits
  • Cheese
  • Wine
  • Vegetables like tomatoes should be avoided. Eat foods that contain less of cayenne peppers
  • Sourdough breads
  • Fruit preserves and Jams
  • Soft drinks

To ensure full efficiency of Adderall medication food products that are been taken on a daily basis should be avoided to a considerable extents. They are dairy products like milk, butter and cheese with the potential to acidify the urine. When urine is enriched with acidic content, Adderall drug takes more time to get eliminated from the system. Likewise whole grain, corns, oats, wheat and rice should preferably be contained. Though it’s difficult to stop the intake to the fullest extent, take it in moderate measure so that the efficiency of Adderall is no way altered in the body.

According to research findings there are vegetables and fruits that doesn’t influence the efficiency factor of Adderall. They are vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, squash, peas, asparagus and cucumbers. Definitely, there are fruits like bananas, cherries, apples, lemons, berries, pineapples, water lemons and orange that doesn’t alter the absorption pattern of Adderall from the digestive system thus ensuring sound efficiency of the medication when taken in the appropriate dosage strength. Protein rich foods like eggs, almonds, and yogurts can also be taken.