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Disclaimer will provide you only with the medically based information that is not the medical consultation but it is used only for the educational purposes.

We recommend you to seek medical consultation before you rely on the given information alone. Our motive is to help you to find the right medication and its information but we do not imply you to follow it, instead, we advise you to seek health care consultant and take the proper measures.

The information that has been sent by e-mail are not the medical consultation. They are the information regarding the query or changes that have been made in the website. We do not assure that the information will be stable, there does occur some changes in the information of the medication just in case if it is needed. It is better to consult with the medical expert instead of depending on the given information alone.

As mentioned above, the information on the website will be changed from time to time and will be notified. We do have connections to the affiliated links by which you can purchase medications from their website, that could yield us a limited profit. But, we cannot guarantee that the information provided by them was correct. To ensure with the privacy policy of that link before you share any of your information with them.

The advertisements that you find in the affiliated link sites do not belong to us. Our website is completely ads free. We do not endorse any products for any websites.

We are not responsible for the information contained by the outside links. The outside links might contain any malicious links that could affect the system you use or they might not secure your personal information. Those links might also come up with some disturbing images or videos.

It is necessary that the information that has been provided in the website might contain adult content since it is a medical information website. So, there is a legal age bar of 18+ is only allowed to drive through the information else they seek parent guidance to preview the website.

The information that you provide in our website will be secured. The personal information will not be shared with any third party.

We hope the data that we have provided in our website would have helped you and cleared your queries regarding the medications. We advise you to take medical consultation and follow the prescribed medications properly.