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Learn all about insurance options!

  • File A Complaint Having Trouble with Health Insurance Coverage for Autism? Filing Complaints with the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) Help the IDOI Help YOU!!! It is extremely important to file a complaint with the IDOI if you are experiencing trouble with health insurance coverage under the autism mandate in a commercial or ACA plan. Some examples of reasonable complaints: 1) provider not …
  • Mother of boy with autism fights Anthem insurance decision  I am Jenny Rice and my son is Canyon Rice. Canyon is 8 and will turn 9 December 22. The story on WTHR started out as a feel good story when he got a spot in a surf camp in NY. The surf camp, Surfers Healing, provides surfing opportunities for kids with Autism. Canyon and I …
  • A Guide to Purchasing Insurance for Children with Special Health Care Needs  1. My child has special health care needs and has been previously denied insurance coverage due to his pre-existing conditions. Are there any health care coverage options for him? Yes! The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) eliminated the ability of insurers to deny coverage to individuals on the basis of pre-existing conditions, age, or …
  • Indiana Waiver Manual DDRS Waiver Manual Our Mission: To facilitate effective partnerships which enhance the quality of life for the people we serve in the communities and pursuits of their choice.  To pull up the waiver, click here:  Waiver Manual.
  • Autism and Medicaid Waivers Cyndi Johnson gives information about the Medicaid Waiver Program and how it can help families with autism.
  • Autism and Medicaid Disability Cyndi Johnson disccusses Medicaid Disabiity and Care Select, which might help your family pay for treatment.
  • Autism and Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS) Cyndi Johnson provides information about how to pay for ABA therapy.
  • Indiana Autism Insurance Mandate Information about health insurance that you need to know!
  • Autism and Children’s Special Health Care Services Children’s Special Health Care Services might help you access ABA therapy.
  • Autism and Medicaid Disability Medicaid Disability might be able to helo you afford ABA therapy.